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2020 Phoenix PubPass

We are excited to introduce you all to the 2020 Phoenix PubPass!! A beer drinker's passport to the city and the best local brews that Phoenix has to offer.

The 2020 Phoenix PubPass is a small book that gets you a 1¢ beer at 20 of the best bars and breweries around Phoenix, including State 48 Brewing, Scottsdale Beer Co., Helio Basin Brewing, QuartHaus and more. It’s formatted like a passport, with a page for each participating bar that you get stamped after receiving your free beer. You have all of 2020 to use it so you can explore the city and try beers at your own pace. To add onto that, $1 from every PubPass is donated back to St. Mary's Food Bank! So it's a good cause AND good beer all, wrapped into one! Now that we have convinced you how great this product is, you can buy the 2020 Phoenix PubPass here.

Here are the twenty different beer houses where you can use your PubPass:

1. Angels Trumpet - Arcadia

2. Angels Trumpet - Downtown

3. Bonus Round

4. Bottleshop 48

5. The Casual Pint

6. First Draft Book Bar

7. Front Pourch Brewing

8. Hello Basin Brewing Company

9. Helton Brewing Company

10. HOP Central Brewery

11. Kings Beer & Wine

12. North Mountain Brewing Co.

13. Original Gravity

14. The Perch Brewery

15. QuartHaus

16. Scottsdale Beer Company

17. Sip Coffee and Beer Garage

18. Sip Coffee and Beer House

19. State 48 Brewery

20. SunUp Brewing Company

Get out there, explore our beautiful city, and sample some tasty beers!

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