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All Time Low Brings Nothing but "Good Times" to the Van Buren in Downtown Phoenix

The autumn season might be in full effect right now, but a (slight) drop in the temperature and the changing of seasons didn’t keep All Time Low from bringing the Summer Ever After Tour to Phoenix last month. Due to an unexpected family emergency, the alternative powerhouses Dashboard Confessional had to depart from this leg of the tour, which was originally a co-headliner. However, All Time Low took the tour under their wing and were committed to giving the audience nothing but “Good Times” despite any previous hardships.

     Gnash, the artistic and lively pop artist best recognized for “I Hate U, I Love U,” kicked off the night with his energizing chart topper. In a room filled with a variety of people and music preferences, it’s easy to say that Gnash brought a smile to everyone’s faces. His nonstop momentum and energetic stage presence made the crowd fall in love with him right away. Between performances of “Imagine If,” “The Broken Hearts Club,” and even a Blink-182 cover of “I Miss You,” Gnash brought the best start to the show that the crowd could ask for, especially with his closing song “T-Shirt” (an unreleased single).

     Soon enough, the lights of the Van Buren dimmed and the sound of the Beach Boy’s “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” filled the venue, bringing anticipation and excitement to the audience. Then, the four members of All Time Low made their way on stage and started their show off with a definite crowd-pleaser: “Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t),” a single from their 2008 album Nothing Personal. Whether the fans were old or new, everyone was on their feet and singing along with vocalist Alex Gaskarth as he and guitarist Jack Barakat moved around the stage to get involved with the crowd.

     The energy continued during “Everything Is Fine,” one of the band’s most recent releases, as confetti rained down on the lively audience. The lyric “everything is fine” definitely set the tone for the night; with a diverse mix of older chart-toppers and new tunes, the setlist was everything the audience could’ve asked for. Between acknowledging their most recent album Last Young Renegade with a performance of “Dark Side of Your Room” and recognizing older albums with “Do You Want Me? (Dead),” All Time Low made each fan’s wish come true.

     An emotion-evoking performance of “Missing You” was one of my personal favorite moments of the show. Alex Gaskarth dedicated the song to Chris Carrabba, Dashboard Confessional’s lead singer and frontman, and conducted the crowd in a heartfelt sing-along. For most fans, the lyrics of “Missing You” have a special place in their hearts, and this love was without a doubt brought to life as the venue became illuminated with flashlights. It’s moments like these that show how important music is many people; all it takes is a single song or artist to immediately connect an entire room of strangers.

     After more performances of crowd favorites, All Time Low took a quick break before a three-song encore, including their most recent, party-worthy song “Birthday” as well as a throwback with “Lost In Stereo.” But any All Time Low concert wouldn’t be complete without the iconic “Dear Maria, Count Me In.” The band continued the tradition of closing with their classic emo hit, which included the joyous voices of a singing audience, another downpour of confetti, and Jack Barakat’s jump into the crowd. Each audience member was left feeling exhausted in the best way possible from a night filled with the energy of a never-ending summer. The radiating glow of every person in the Van Buren that night proves that there’s one thing guaranteed at an All Time Low show: the feeling of irreplaceable exhilaration and nonstop happiness.

Gnash Setlist:

I Hate U, I Love U

Imagine If

Feelings Fade

Tell Me It’s Okay

Nobody’s Home

I Miss You (Blink-182 cover)

Dear Insecurity

The Broken Hearts Club



All Time Low Setlist:

Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)

Everything Is Fine


Dark Side of Your Room


Backseat Serenade

Life of the Party


Do You Want Me (Dead?)

Something’s Gotta Give

Missing You

The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver

Kids in the Dark

Dirty Laundry

Wonderwall (Oasis cover)

Good Times



Lost in Stereo

Dear Maria, Count Me In

Article by Mia Andrea (@modernmelodiesblog on Instagram)

Photos by Hannah Mason (@melloyellowphotos on Instagram)

Mia is a high school student with a passion for writing, and specifically writing about her favorite bands. You can catch more of her work on her blog.



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