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Interview with Track Club Founders

Partners Chuckie Duff, Thomas Turner and Damon Scott are pleased to announce after months of development Track Club will officially open in October. The former home of The DeSoto Central Market started its transformation this Summer tapping each of the three partners strengths to help create the Valley’s most exciting new concept.

Beginning with a series of October events the Grand Opening will culminate with Kaskade who has been selling out dates on his Redux Tour and the balaclava-clad mystery man Malaa performing November 9th and 10th respectfully. The first official event to kick things off for Track Club will be a First Friday performance by Gerry Gonza on October 4th followed by What So Not on October 5th. There will be additional announcements as performances are added to the roster. In addition to the tickets lineup in the nightclub, the lounge and patio will be open 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Tuesday through Sunday with local DJs every night with no cover.

We had the opportunity to sit down with the founders recently to learn a bit more about this unique concept in conjunction with their ever-nearing opening date.

What is the inspiration behind Track Club? And will it be like anything else we have seen in Phoenix yet?

Chuckie: Our inspiration is the archetypal, classic nightclub. We saw a void in Phoenix when it came to that, so we set out to create it.

Many of your early musical acts are DJ’s specializing in various forms of house, can we expect more of the same or a variety of musical genres at Track Club?

Thomas: Track Club is most definitely going to be mixing things up from having the most exciting headliners across all genres to programming a bunch of local favorites in the club and en eclectic more chill vibe in the lounge.

We already know the cocktail selection will be on point thanks to Damon Scott and Rattle & Rum, but can we expect equally great things on the food front?

Zachary: The kitchen will be a part of the second phase of Track Club’s evolution , but we are looking to partner with a local, well known restauranteur to create our menu. Expect well crafted bites that are fun and flavorful. 

How do you plan on integrating elements into this space to give it a true Arizona feel? Chuckie: I think we're very lucky to be in one of Phoenix's most recognizable historic buildings, but I'm not sure anything about the interior design of the space is specifically Arizonan. All the partners and collaborators involved in Track Club are local and care deeply about making Phoenix better so I think that will be apparent.

Where will Track Club succeed where past venues like DeSoto Central Market failed? 

Chuckie: DeSoto Central Market was a different concept and business model, and I can't speak to why that didn't work. However, I think Track Club will succeed simply by offering an experience that can't be had anywhere else in Phoenix due to the caliber of artists we're booking, the level of design and production put into the venue and the offerings of our creative craft cocktail program.

Make your way down to Track Club for their first event coming up on October 4.



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